Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heating, Plumbing and Electricity

From a decorative point of view, there might not be so much to write about heating plumbing and electricity. However, since I also care a lot about functionality and convenience, NOW is the time to think about where to put what.
Few things are as annoying as light switches in the wrong place or extension cords stretched across the room.  A heating/cooling system that does not work evenly might turn your otherwise favorite spot into a very uncomfortable one some times during the year.

It helps to have an idea of where you want your furniture to go, but it is important to also think ahead and build in flexility for rearranging. Getting a pet, growing kids, aging adults, handicap arising from sudden accidents or illnesses can all cause the need for rearranging and/or change furniture in a room.

When building small and compact, it can be a challenge to fit all utilities into walls and floors. Both plumber and electrician did a good job to work around the obstacles. The main heating through the crawl space needed to

New heating ducts in the crawl space to feed the new
rooms and to improve heating in the bedrooms above. 

While having the entire wall open, we put in all the plumbing needed to feed an upstairs bathroo. In the photograph below are the water pipes installed and a hole made for the drain pipe. The wall also got an outlet for a central vacuum cleaner installed. Easy to do now and so hard later.

Mudroom wall with water pipes, drain
pipes,  outlet for a central vacuum  cleaner,
electrical outlets and heating vents.  

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