Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Walls

Although the rest of the house has basement/crawl space, the porch floor was only a cement slab on the ground. On day 2, the remaining studs were replaced by stilts. The cinderblocks at the edge needed to be filled in with cement to be stabilized and to hold the fastener for the wall. Of course, having no walls triggered the snow to fall after several weeks of dry weather!

Day 2, January 11, 2011. Strengthening the edge of the slab.
Framing started day 3 and the entire north wall got finished that day - whew, no more wobbly stilts.

Day 3, new studs going up.

The short but double brick wall on the west end of the porch was torn down on the 3rd day. Tearing it down made space for a bigger bathroom than we had planned :).

End of day 3.

The old framing along the edge of the roof was slightly twisted, so chains were attached across the porch to twist it into position. Luckily it worked and left the other wall intact.

Day 4, the house got braces to twist the old framing into position.
After a week the ceiling joists had been doubled, the walls were covered with tyveck and it was time for the heating guy, the plumber and the electrician to do their part. The slab on the ground was furtunately a bit below the floor level in the rest of the house. That gave us space for heating vents, plumbing and plenty of insulation.

The big snow storm hit on February 1st and 2nd. Can you imagine what that would have been like if the walls had still been open and blown snow onto the insulation and all our stuff in the attic? The tyveck held up well to our relief and the snow was blown away at that corner of the house,
The BIG snow storm wasn't so bad after all...

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