Friday, February 18, 2011

Porch Demolition

The porch on the north side is behind the door to the right.
The square feet of a little used porch along the north side of our house would make a welcome addition to the daily living space. It is long and narrow and the floor is too low compared to the windows as you can see from the location of the door in the photo. 

The north west corner of the house. The two windows 
to the left make up the short end of the porch.
It was uninsulated and the flimsy screen door did a poor job keeping the wind out. The space has so far only been used for storage which did not add to the ambiance in the adjacent living room. The paneling, the dark carpet, the dark brown screen door and the burgundy paint around the windows absorbed a lot of light. And that when light was already scarce behind the enormous evergreen. The two bedrooms on the other the porch did not get much day light although one of them also had a window on the west gable.

On the positive side, the porch made an excellent auxiliary refrigerator in the winter and the wide pine panels on part of the walls were nice. However, that didn't justify its existence when we are desperate for more living space.

The only window to one of the bedrooms.
View towards the north west corner.

The plans for the new porch include a small bathroom in the far (west) end, a mud room in the middle. For building code reasons, there will be a small porch between the new mud room and the existing living room. The new porch will have big windows and the bedroom will get a french double door to bring in as much light as possible.

A week and a half into January, our builders started tearing the porch down to its bare backbone. The carpet went first. Then the wall and ceiling paneling. Although the attic is not insulated over the porch, the blown in insulation had spilled over and came down as clouds. The lower part of the wall paneling was carefully removed and is now stored in the garage. We hope to reuse that on the mud room walls.

Paint job from the 70's. 

By the end of the day it looked quite cosy. If it wasn't
January in Chicago, we could throw a party!

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