Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning in the Basement

The work in the basement is completed for now and it is time to clean up. I think that some of the dirt and dust has been there since the house was built 60 years ago. Oh my, talk about spring cleaning!

For two days, I've scrubbed the outside walls, cleaned the outside of the ducts (yikes!, especially on top) vacuumed spider web between floor joists and cleaned dirt and mud off the floor. The old storage shelves went back up, but this time in a more organized way that makes it easier to navigate the basement. Long term storage in one corner and the more often used items and food in another.
The old freezer is not going back to duty, so I called ComEd for removal service. They will even give me $35 for that :)

While working down there, my brain is busy figuring out what to do with the area we want to use for the television, play area and craft table.

We have seen enough of the pastel mint green walls are and want more color but still keep it as bright as possible. After painting the bathroom walls, the paint tray still had some blue paint, so part of the basement wall is now blue. Nice, but a bit too dark for the entire basement. There is some leftover cream colored paint from an earlier project, but that would be too boring. How about some stripes - vertical ones? One row of cinder blocks white and the next blue or green...

The old sliding doors from the bedroom closets have been lurking in the basement for a long time. With some hardware, they could be turned into wall units to screen off the storage and laundry areas. Easier, faster, more flexible and cheaper than studs and dry wall! The medium brown wood color would give some warmth to the room.

This week started off wet and more rain has been falling every day. The sump pump is going off every few minutes and the basement floor is still dry. What a relief!!!

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