Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Blues

I have been procrastinating the blue paint colors for too long now. Here is my dilemma:
I like the blue tile floor which has all the shades of medium blue worn jeans. Lots of soft blue, but also some white-begie-light brown mixed in. However, I'd like to get the rooms a little bit more colorful and clean looking, so I'm trying to pull the blue a little bit towards red and decrease the grayness.

In our old house, we had a lot of blue shades R80B in the NCS system which means 80% blue and 20% red. There are of course a lots of variation depending on how much white-grey-black is mixed in. I would say, that blue is seen as quite "clean blue" - not much towards purple nor towards green. The floor certainly has more green in it than that, but if I could twist the paint a little bit, I would be much happier.

Finally, today, I decided on Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Hawaiian Blue, UL230-7 for the bathroom walls. Let's see how that turns out and then decide on the back door.

Taking photos of paint colors is tricky and then it depends on your computer screen what you'll actually see. This looks not so far off on my (MacBook) screen. As you can see, the electrician arrived as soon as the tile guys left. Soon we'll have light too!

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