Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wallpaper Choices

Had planned to use the old paneling in the mud room (vertical and painted sunny yellow) but for several reasons we decided to go with wall paper instead. The space is pretty small. so loosing 1/2 on each side of the room would make a difference. The other reason is that we don't have time or energy to strip the varnish and paint them.

Visited a local wallpaper store, where I was lucky to find Linda, a decorator of Swedish decent. How nice not to have to explain the Swedish style I was after.

For the porch I wanted a very light colored with light light beige delicate flower pattern, but did not have much luck finding it. The sunny two-tone yellow striped wallpaper that we had in our previous house and I would like for our mudroom was also nowhere to be found. I decided to think beyond yellow stripes. I found some from from Norwall,  York - Three Sister Studio and St. James - Ready Set Grow:

Red and white stripes would look fresh with the blue floor and even bluer
back door. However,... I would love to see this in a decorating magazine or
in a friend's house, but red isn't really my color. 
Cute and certainly popular with some members of my family.
However, a warm color on the wall might be better and after
all, a ball park theme is really far away from the Swedish style.

I like this, no doubt about it. However... not in my house.
The colors are not crisp enough and a little too American
for me to be happy with for several years. 

The right colors and I love polka dots! However,...
I'd prefer the dots to be lined up along the diagonals
instead of vertical/horizontal.
It is a serious but fun and playful option, though.
This would give the right "feel" to the mud room, but I would like
something with more yellow. There will be lots of white cabinets,
so the visible walls are not that big. Hmmm...

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