Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wallpaper on Back Order

Today, I parked myself in the wallpaper store and decided not to leave until I had found something I felt excited about. Believe it or not, but I was confident when I left that I will be able to give the rooms the character I want.

Last time, I looked I didn't find anything, so I didn't have much hope to find a light light beige delicate pattern, but did not have much hope of finding it. Had an enormous stack of wallpaper books on the floor with one or two bookmarks in each. There were several that I liked a lot, but they would not give the room the character I sought. All of a sudden, exactly what I was looking for popped out at me from one of the catalogues! Wow, that made it easy! All the others were put away.

For the mud room, I made up my mind on the yellow striped one. It's white and yellow irregular stripes that looks handpainted. That will look sunny and cheerful with the white cabinets and blue floor. Unfortunately it is on backorder until May 9th.

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