Thursday, March 3, 2011

Warm Floor

Now all dry walls are in place, so it is time for the floor to get some attention.

Everyone who has experienced heated floors knows how nice it is to walk barefoot on them on a cold winter day. My previous house was built on slab (well insulated towards the ground) with radiant heat  built in. Each room had its own thermostat so we kept the bathroom a little bit warmer and a porch like room a little bit cooler than the rest. If the sun was warming one room, the rooms on other side of the house were still comfortably warm. In a corner of the entry hallway, all the water tubes came together to a distributor system and the floor was always extra warm right there. That made a perfect place to just toss wet mittens and hats in the winter - a very popular solution with kids!

Radiant heating in the floor is very high on my wish list, but getting a new boiler just for the few square feet we now are remodeling did not make sense. For energy efficiency reasons, we did not want to install electrical heating either. However, plumbing and heating ducts are all low enough to make room for  a layer of cement with, for now, empty tubes under the tile floor. This will allow for a floor heating at a later stage.

Monday, the heating tubes were mounted, one loop for each room, thermostat tube in the floor and wire in the wall. So all options are available for when we upgrade our furnace/boiler later. It probably won't be before we have remodeled other areas where we want to put in floor heating as well.

Mud Room
 Documenting is crucial! There is a whole bunch of photos like these, but with much higher resolution filling up my hard disk. Everything will be covered up and if you desperately want to attach something to the floor, you need to know where the tubes are.
Everything will be covered up with floor, trim and wallpaper.
Documenting where the thermostat tubes and cables is very important!

The cable will be covered up with wallpaper until we
install the rest of the floor heating system. This is where
the wall thermostat for the mud room will be placed.
Tuesday, the bright orange hoses got smothered in a cement compound.

Yesterday (Wednesday,) the cement compound was finished and shower base and the toilet tank was installed. I was busy figuring our wall paper and paint and before I knew it, the toilet tank had been installed and covered with drywall. Sorry, no pictures.

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