Monday, March 28, 2011

A Window Sill

Talked to the builders about getting a window sill and explained that I wanted to reuse some wooden brackets we had in storage. They were a bit surprised when I showed up with a board that was over 7 inches wide, but then made the window sill according to my instructions. To call this a window sill might be misleading. The more correct translation of the Swedish "fönster-bräda" or German "Fensterbrett" should be "window board".

A window sill can come in many styles and will of course give a different impression depending on window house style. However, after over 100 years, this is still considered being THE window sill engraved in the Swedish mind.
"Blomsterfönstret"  from 1894 by Swedish painter Carl Larsson.

A window sill with flower pots lives in the heart of many Swedes. 
Typical window sill in a Swedish apartment from the 40's and 50's.
Flooring works well for a window sill, here with wood from pear trees.
An Austrian window sill.  Otherwise hard sunlight, get softened by the plants. Imagine what the same kitchen would look like without the window sill and plants...

So how did my window sill turn out? Really well, I have to say. It was installed today and decorated before the builders even left the driveway. It still needs paint, though.

My window sill! It has been a long wait.

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