Monday, May 16, 2011

A Back Yard Cherry Tree

The rain has calmed down and the sun is shining, so gardening is much more appealing than painting trim and doors inside the house. On Mother's day (a week ago,) I got to spend some time at Gethsemane Garden in Andersonville while the kids were in Swedish School.
High up on my wish list are some fruit trees. There were a couple of apple trees left, but none of them with "crisp and tart" apples. However, I found one (!) self pollinating sweet cherry tree, yay! I payed right away and picked it up later in the week when I had a bigger car - and no kids with me. 

Finally, today, a pit had been dug deep enough. Big lumps of light brown clay needed to be broken up.  That part has been lawn since the house was build 60 years ago and before that it was prairie and forest. Mind boggling to think that I might be the first human ever to dig that deep in that spot...

The tree has two tiny green cherries. Wonder if we'll get them before the birds...

The edge around it is a fiber-plastic material made from cardboard juice boxes and milk jugs. It was wound up in a box and I didn't have the patience to let it relax for a couple of hours as the instructions said, but managed to straighten it out enough to match the circle. It's pretty neat to see my old milk jugs come back recycled and know that they are not in land fills!

Timberwolf Recycled Composite Edging System

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