Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Builders have Finished Their Work...

The builders finished most of their work over a month ago. Final inspection was passed without hickups.  The only remaining work was a few hours of siding work, a small slab for the top of the toilet tank and a stopper for the sliding doors. The house got very quiet and the paint (walls and trim) job I did myself was slow and lonely. I ran out of gas for remodeling work and my business and my family needed some attention. Earlier this week their work was completed, everyone was paid and hands were shaken.

The top for the toilet tank was a long story. We wanted the white and gray Carrera marble, but it was too costly, so while not coming up with anything better, the primed but dusty and unfinished surface was just sitting there. While talking once again with the builders about it, they realized they would get marble scraps from their new project and a week later the tile guy came by and mounted a piece and we are SO happy that we didn't give up! It's nice and bright and as fresh looking as the subway tile with its light gray grout.

Look, a wall hung toilet and built in tank - a breeze to keep clean! I will come back to that in a later post.

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  1. If something will broke, you have to demolition your marble?