Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mlle L's Room

2011-05-18, Wednesday

New windows, bathroom to the left and bedroom to the right
One of the bedrooms was heavily affected by the remodeling this winter. Except for the windows in the brick wall and extra insulation, not much has been said about it. The window that faced the old porch has been removed. That meant a gaping hole in the fake wood panelling.  So, while the dry wall guy was here anyway, I asked him to cover the entire wall of ugly paneling, window hole (framed in) and all, with a new layer of drywall. In that bedroom, the two "new" walls now have smooth drywall and the old walls still rough plaster. With many layers of paint, the plaster walls are not really that rough, but not smooth enough for wallpaper.

Below is a pic of the bedroom from shortly after we moved in a couple of years back. The dark fake wood paneling from the 70's and the window towards the old porch show in the mirror. The built-in closet and dresser took up the entire wall, but didn't offer much storage space in return. Soon, it was replaced by IKEA PAX wardrobes. All the walls, including the dark panelling, were then painted light cream.

This is the only available photo from the original bedroom.
The thick veneer closet sliding doors were hard to move, so they were removed right away.
After the dry wall guys left, I painted the entire plaster ceiling pure white. The walls got a coat of sky blue paint. (I had hoped for purple or pink, but oh well.) The new trim and windowsill (another one, yay!) have been painted with white linseed oil paint. 

An IKEA loft bed got its legs shortened and is now only 3 ft above the floor. Madmoiselle L moved into her "new" bed for 3 nights, but since yesterday, she is back on the mattress in her brother's room so I can finish the floor.

Shortened loft bed. The space below will become
a cosy hideaway
I've scrubbed and sanded the old hardwood floor. The old varnish was still good, but worn out in spots, so it got two coats of polyurethane. Tonight, after 72 hours of drying the bed can go back into its corner and then the corner where the bed now, can be varnished. Cleaning, sanding, wiping dust and patching a few spots took significantly more time than the actual varnishing - as always.
This is what I used:
Ceiling: Behr Premium Plus, Interior Flat Ceiling Paint, Ultra Pure White, No55B
Walls: Behr Premium Plus Ultra, Interior Eggshell Enamel, light blue, "Millstream", UL230-12
Floor: MINWAX Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors, Clear Satin
Woodwork: Allb├Ącks white (#50003) linseed oil paint, available at

New windows with window sills for lights, flower pots etc.
Shelf and curtains are in progress.
The two windows facing west make the room nice and bright. The neighbor's white wall reflects a lot of morning light. There is still some work to do on the curtais and shelf above the windows. I "just" need to get out the circular saw and the sewing machine - and find a couple of uninterrupted hours...

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