Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kitchen remodeling - finally!

The stove top broke down a couple of weeks ago and that was the last straw for a kitchen that has seen 4 generations of our family. Kitchen cabinets from 1949 and appliances from the 60's had done theirs and a bit more. Here are a few before pictures.
Resurfaced in the 80's helped the look (if you like this fake wood style), but the cabinets were still extremely inefficient in using our precious square feet and drawers were hard to open and close. A dishwasher and a few more cabinets were added after we moved in.

Tape marks the new cabinet layout

Typical and pretty design from the 60's. Other than that, there is no magic any more with this oven that burns most everything.

Not much work space around the stove and no real exhaust fan (just a hole in the wall, yikes!).

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