Friday, May 10, 2013

No Fridge

We've been camping out in the dining room for a week now. Tonight, it is even more camping since we have no fridge. A big cooler on the porch will do until we get the new fridge tomorrow, especially with 42ยบ F (mid May, it's hard to believe).
The old fridge is not only too small, but also sounds like a jet engine most of the time and I'm sure it is a real gas guzzler.
Camping setup in the dining room. Not so bad except for all the running back and forth to the mudroom sink in the other end of the house.
Today our old fridge was picked up for recycling. ComEd does it for free for their customers and if you are lucky to have a coupon, you might even get paid! The $50 won't buy a new fridge, but is a nice contribution to two buckets of paint or so. Call 1-888-806-2273 for more info.
Off to recycling. Fridge is marked with a number and the cord cut off.

Free pickup of old refrigerators and freezers:)

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