A life-long passion for houses and home design combined with training in analyzing and organizing has filled my mind with ideas on convenient home design. Moving from a Swedish house that I designed myself to a Midwestern bungalow from 1949 has been a bit of a shock. It could be described as moving from a house full of built in conveniences to one one full of inconveniences. With three children (Fräulein A, Mlle L and Herr T) and two business in the house,  everyday chores needs to be minimized. Yet, we spend almost twice as much time (!) doing the same chores as we did in our previous house.

After quite some pondering by both us and our architect, we have finally come up with a master plan for how to fix our house to be functional for us but also to make it look and feel like OUR house. The first extensive remodeling phase is going on right now. It will give us a much needed second bathroom and a practical mud entrance. I made it clear to the builders before they took the job that a "this is how we usually do it" attitude does not work for us, so they keep me busy by asking exactly where to put the door opening, power outlet or floor drain. That bodes well!

This blog is a way to organize my thoughts and to document our remodeling for family and friends. They are far away, but very curious. It is a hobby blog and as such I can't promise to update regularly, so please be patient. If you happen to find some use for my ideas, I'll be very excited about hearing from you!

Libertyville, February 2011